Date of Event: 12 September 2018


Global Digimap is the latest spatial data service from EDINA with data for the whole planet. We are co-creating this service with our users over the next academic year using feedback to shape both the content and functionality. In return for this engagement, access to Global Digimap will be free of charge until July 2019. Join us on one of our webinars where will cover:

  • Information on the data in the service
  • What plans we have for adding more data and features
  • Discussion of example uses of the data
  • Service Demonstration
  • Feedback - What would you like to see in Global Digimap?

There will be plenty of time for users to ask any questions. This webinar will be of interest to staff who use and support existing Digimap collections and to those who want to use maps and spatial data from outside Great Britain.